Oh The Places He Will Go!

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is the connection made with clients during the whole process resulting in better friendships & even new friends!  I had such a great time photographing lil’ Gavin for his newborn pics months ago that his mommy not only referred me to some of her friends but also purchased a gift certificate.  I can’t emphasize enough just how precious her gift was to another mother.  As a mother, I am very frugal on budgets, sales, coupons, the whole nine; and FORGET buying or doing anything for “myself”; one of the main reasons, I love when my husband gifts me with massage or pedi gift certificates or even camera equipment (but that’s an asideJ).  Life goes by so quickly; a reminder to collect your memories not things.  Therefore, capturing a moment in time in a well-done photograph, in my opinion, priceless. So, I was very excited when Jess contacted me to use her gift certificate for a mommy&son session with her lil’ gem, Aiden.
Lil’ Aiden & I became fast friends right from the get-go as he toddled across the parking lot to greet me with arms out and an “up”.  As we sherpa’d props around the park, Aiden rarely left my hip.   As my shutter clicked away, Jess & I also chatted away learning more about one another’s military connection among many common experiences.  Again, just had the best time photographing these two and getting to hang out with them for the morning.  Best part of my job!
Here’s a pic I snapped towards the end of our session as lovable Aiden was squeezing my legs and asking for me to pick him up.  You can see my blurry leg and shoe just in the bottom of frame but this picture just makes me SMILE from ear to ear…


Enjoy a preview of some of my favorite images I selected from your gallery.  Thanks again Jess for entrusting me with your lil’ man and keepsaking these moments for you!!!
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