Earth laughs in flowers -Emerson

     Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “Earth laughs in flowers”. I’d like to add to that. “God laughs in flowers and darling little girls”. Poetic, isn’t it? Feel free to quote me all you like.  When I drove up to my church (Christ Church UMC) a couple weeks ago, right at the entrance I was immediately captivated by a sea of yellow.  The adjacent field/trail area where they dumped a pile of dirt had sprung up seemingly overnight into a mound of perfect little bright yellow “weeds” in full bloom! All my creative juices were just aflowin’ and I knew I just HAD to take photos here.  With rain in the forecast threathening to pelt all these delicate flowers to the ground, I tried to find someone who would be willing to do be my models on such short notice… enter my good friend Amy and her amazing daughter “princess” Ansley.

     I am so blessed to have such a great friend in Amy and the proverbial love triangle going on between Ansley asking for my oldest son and my youngest son saying, “Gabriel loves only Ansley.”{a direct quote btw} is quite hilarious! Amy made my heart smile when she told me that before Ansley fell asleep she asked about me and when she woke up from her nap she said immediately, “It’s time to see Miss Leigh!” Ansley flits around like a beautiful butterfly and is indeed her Mommy’s sunshine.  Serendiptously, I had a chalkboard with “You Are My Sunshine” written on it and that’s one of mom and daughter’s favorite songs since birth!? These are the moments that I just <3
    Congrats on your new place and I hope that you enjoy some of these wonderful images to adorn your walls 🙂 Here’s a select couple of my favorites from our session; many more in your gallery on your disc…





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