Fresh 48 Lifestyle Session: Top Newborn Trend Here to Stay


What is a Fresh 48 Session, you ask?

A Fresh 48 is a documentary style or in-hospital lifestyle shoot held within the first precious 48 hours of your newborn’s life earthside. A great alternative to actual birth photography, I show up without any props, outfits, lights, backdrops, etc to candidly capture the very newest and most innocent moments that are often forgotten in the stupor of lack of sleep, stress, and exhaustion from birth. Typical photos are details of tiny newborn feet, moments meeting siblings, tiny swirl of hair on his little head held in daddy hands- What better way to remember these first moments than with professional candids of a Fresh 48 session.


lifestyle, newborn, photography, hospital, fresh 48, motherhood


Personally, I had two very difficult births: one “natural” and resultantly the next one a scheduled C-section. I look back on the very few pictures I have of my boys during our longer than usual hospital stays. My memories are scarred with so much trauma & recovery issues, I find myself longing to have photos that would replace these memories with those of the sweet moments between me and each son during my those first days. Knowing my own experience and the on-call hours that I couldn’t offer for birth photography, I still wanted to give mothers those priceless photos and have fallen in love with my lifestyle in-hospital Fresh 48 sessions ever since.


lifestyle, newborn, photography, hospital, fresh 48, motherhood


lifestyle, newborn, photography, hospital, fresh 48, motherhood

Fresh 48 Preparation

While this is a lifestyle session full of candid photos there are still some touch up and behind the scenes little things to do that give each photograph more impact.

Bring a neutral blanket as you never know what crib sheet the hospital will use- a busy patterned or even off-colored sheet that gives a green color cast to your baby. A simple easy fix. With babies, less is more and keeping it simple with a solid onesie or addition solid well-fitted hat is also a great idea. For mom same thing applies, who knows what not-so-stylish hospital robe you’ll be sporting. A simple neutral robe works better in photos and makes you feel a bit more human for sure 🙂 I also recommend having me begin our Fresh 48 for the quiet, still moments with baby for details and sweet time with mom and dad BEFORE the chaos of excited, proud siblings are introduced.

lifestyle, newborn, photography, hospital, fresh 48, motherhood

An absolute miracle has taken place. Mom has brought this bundle of joy into our world changing life for the better. This baby represents hope, love, a new journey. Don’t miss out on professional candids of the first hours of your newborn’s life documenting the amazing time of your fresh, new blessing to remember and look back lovingly for years to come.

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