Superheroes in the Making!!!

     Have you ever cruised through Facebook or Pinterest thinking, “Wow! How does that woman truly DO IT ALL?”? Well, the verse “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” {Philippians 4:13} echoes in my mind when I think of Monica Reynolds.    A humble and inspiring woman who would NEVER toot her own horn is sure gonna get a couple of toots here. Can I get an Amen for the Reynolds hard-working family conductor seen here in all her glory? Lol!

The expanse of a heart God has ordained for great things is unimaginable but can be glimpsed in a couple who chooses to adopt. As a woman better suited to tell a story with pictures rather than words, I can best summarize the Reynolds family story in the triptych below. Use the simple math of addition plus a whole lotta love & patience to get the amazing outcome.

        Husband & Wife plus…
“THE BIGS” plus…
“THE LITTLES” equals…

I had so much fun getting to know each and every one of these seven unique personalities during our evening in the tall grass together. An open field truly couldn’t contain them all. To those who aren’t familiar with the Reynolds children, I’d like to give you my take. {And for those who are I hope I do them justice ;)}

***The quiet confidence of the oldest, Adoniyas, as he encourages his younger siblings and blazes his own path through adolescence here in a new country.

*** To Sidise for continuing her role of family nurturer in midst of her own middle-school self-discovery this year. My wish for her is that she can see the beautiful, handcrafted woman God is making that I see through my lens. Here’s one of her favorite ones that didn’t show her teeth, but I have one that I like even better that does & I’ll give it to her mom 😉

*** David’s vibrance and thirst for life is happily contagious! I’m glad he really enjoyed the flowers during our shoot?!?

***Christian with matching hawks like his older brothers, has a more reserved beauty filled with admiration & love for his siblings. Truly a complete pleasure to photograph with such ease translating naturally through the lens.

***I enjoyed Misgana’s sassy take no prisoners attitude and her smiling eyes despite the tall grass itching & scratching at her bare legs. The trooper in the bunch for sure!

At the heart of this family God is so evident. There’s a loving rock-solid marriage, “The Bigs” and “The Littles” that combine and interact so beautifully that make this family function & thrive. Monica, I wish I had your gift for writing at this moment, but this post will have to be my best testament to your exceptional family; truly God’s Superheroes in the Making!

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