Father’s Day Surprise!

A client told me this week that her husband practically gift-wrapped his own Father’s Day gift idea by repeatedly saying, ” I really need a more updated picture of my family for my desk at work considering my little boy isn’t even in it.” Talk about an impromptu mini-mini-session for a deserving, devoted father.

Yesterday afternoon we literally did a half of a mini-sesh at the park behind the house. What a fun 30 minutes of silly siblings performing for Daddy’s Picture! God bless their wonderful Momma and my good friend, Sarah, while her daughter orchestrated the whole shoot from who sits on a stool, how to lay on the blanket, and how close together they could be?!? She even proudly came up with wonderful original posing ideas. I had such a great afternoon with this energetic family and I’m sure that Daddy will love his Father’s Day surprise.

Speaking of which; for all those of you who are blessed enough to be fathers, here’s to a Happy Father’s Day filled with lots of love, family, BBQs, tool usage, (insert all manly cliches here) and perhaps a little smidge of quiet time.

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