As we Walk in Fields of Gold…

     The actual historic Barrett House in Lorton, VA is certainly in dire need of some TLC but the wide open fields dotted with colossal maples that surround it are a photographer’s dream especially at golden hour.  Of course, the elusive “golden hour” this time of year creeps in around 8pm and for just a half hour which makes little Alex a rock-star for staying out late with his ‘rents.  There’s something about a toddler and a mini-me chair just their size that’s like moth to flame.  Hungry Alex camped out in his old man rocker eating Cheerios, watching bubbles, & picking flowers in the tall grass.


     One of my favorite moments came as I watched Alex’s dad throwing him up high into the air, hearing squeals of delight as he descends quickly back into daddy’s capable waiting arms.  All the while, mom is repeating the mantra, “I’m not watching. I can’t watch. I don’t see this.” Not until I got home and began perusing the images did I truly see how absurdly high-flying Alex had been since I was tunnel-visioned through the lens. The pure joy captured on both father & son’s faces are the epitome of why I love my job.  Enjoy some of my favorites from this sweet family’s session.


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