Halloween in Historic Occoquan

I just love venturing out of DC & NoVa suburbia to this nearby quaint little town nestled on the Occoquan River that instantly transports you to window shopping for antiques along the water. I was excited this year that two down-right adorable little ladies came to the Gazebo for a couple of pictures in their Halloween costumes. And that they’re parents didn’t let their camera phone be the only pics they got of this year’s costumes!   Snow White filled her role to a T, with her alabaster complexion, dark black locks, and even her affinity for the apple.  In fact, man oh man, how she enjoyed munching that apple our whole session 🙂 “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?” Why it’s Anne of course! But don’t eat the apple…     

IMG_3548 IMG_3569


IMG_3721 IMG_3839


























Mooooove over everybody, this little cow is stealing the spot-light!!! This little girl is quite the moooooover and the shaker and really made me work for these images 🙂 But that smile and the gorgeous fall colors over the water, make everything worth it, I mean, Can you even???

IMG_4124 IMG_4282

IMG_4167 IMG_4036

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