Boy, Oh BOYS!

WEB0240I’m so blessed and thankful to have clients trust and enjoy their experience having family pictures taken with me so much that they come back for more! Ashley was my first paying client last spring, and is momma extraordinaire to two monster truck lovin’ rambunctious boys (Are there any other kind? Lol.) less than 2 years apart. Phew, she gets an award for just showing up not to mention dressed to impress and even early to boot!

WEB0061The boys had a blast trying to climb trees, throw pumpkins at each other, running around the field, and most of all playing by the Burke Mini Railroad tracks and even brought mom & dad in for the fun.



WEB0319Like my sons, these boys ping off one another making for a very active photo session. Trying to get both to engage with the camera at the same time was certainly a rarity but we managed to get some frame worthy keepers together nonetheless. Yippee 🙂 It was my pleasure to give Ashley a gift that I too hold dear, pictures of HER with all her favorite boys (daddy included) that she can look back on fondly as the years pass all too quickly.





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