Print Your Photos!!! The True Importance of Legacy For Your Children

Moments should be printed, hung & admired- not just pixels on a hard drive…

I just visited my 92 year old Mema last month; my very last surviving grandparent out of six. We try to get back to New York to see family there at least twice a year because time flies too fast and family comes first. Sadly, I came to the realization this past trip that I’m getting old.  Yup, I’m getting old. When my children say things like “back in your’s and Gram’s generation” or “look at her she’s older than you” (& the person is clearly in their early twenties), I think I can finally grasp the perspective shift.

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This sobering reality reminds me that time flies so fast and these fleeting moments, lives of our departed loved ones and their amazing stories live on through pictures.

As a kid, we would often go up in the attic and sort through all the old photos and Polaroids of my mom & dad in their younger years. Laughing and imagining the stories that went with each one. Over the years and moves, these boxes have been devastatingly misplaced. Imagine you drop your iPhone in the toilet and you hadn’t backed up your videos of your youngest children as a newborn staring up at her mobile with giggles, baby’s first teetering steps, babbles turning into words, or the millions of photos from your gallery were  lost. The feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you want to vomit, shake uncontrollably, and cry nonstop, THAT hold on to that feeling to remind you the importance of not only backing up your family photos but to print them- 4×6 in a box or a canvas on the wall it matters not.

This selfie generation of me, me, me takes thousands of shutter exposures of just one shot. Thousands of images on the phone but NOTHING will be left behind ironically. How will our children look back fondly at their childhood? How will they pass on their amazing stories to their future children? Printing your photographs may seem like such an insignificant thing in your busy life of motherhood. Please, I beg you. Print your photos for a tangible reminder of your story for your children to treasure as they continue to grow older.


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