A Photography Blog? Why not? Come join me in my new adventure!

Taking a longtime passion of mine to “the next level” is quite frankly, intimidating.  All these amazing photographers’ websites, Facebook pages, and blogs I love to fill my precious freetime perusing and inadvertently yearning to be “as good as”.  What I’m constantly being reminded of by my supportive husband & many of my happy newest clients, is that I am. Simply that, I am. And each photo session I improve in some area whether it’s getting the best from my camera lenses, artistic frame composition, background & prop choices, poses that work/don’t ever do again, lighting or Photoshop & Lightroom editing techniques.

Why start a business? The main reason is that I love to watch my children grow, capturing both the amazing & everyday moments with my camera and I want to share that with all the mothers & fathers out there.  Every shoot I give my 100% to capture each child’s disarming expressions (focusing on the eyes as the very window to the soul), ease of pose that happens so effortlessly telling a story, the priceless interactions among siblings or with parents, WITHIN the camera lens always following the light.  I strive to get it all in the lens doing very little after-processing & editing resulting in a professional yet very real life moment.  I want every mother to have beautiful photos of HERSELF with her family, and photos of her children at the milestones as they grow.

I’m also motivated to share my craft affordably so that everyone should have wonderful photographs to cherish up on their wall! As a mother of two boys, I am constantly reminded as I look back at my wealth of photos & videos just how quickly time passes and am so glad that I’ve always been “that” mom taking pictures. (Yes; I come out from behind the lens often and play with my kids so life is not passing me by, ya’ll know me.)  I feel empathy for those parents who can not afford to freeze these precious moments in their children’s lives to have to look back on fondly & often.  Being a military wife & stay-at-home mom, I’m blessed that we can currently live comfortably on a single income but the mobility factor makes it difficult for me to find suitable full or part time supplemental work. Out of my desire to give children’s portraits to others while making a small contribution to my household my new photography business is born: LWH Portraits.  Last names change over the years as many still refer to me as “Costanzo” usually said in a raucous New York accent.  The initials are short and sweet representing my name; Leigh Walston-Hamamgian.

I started my facebook page (www.facebook.com/lwh.portraits) last month and started booking mini-sessions.  Head over, browse my work, and if you like it help me build my business and audience by LIKING my page; SUBSCRIBE & stay tuned here on my blog. What’s a photography blog post without a picture? Here’s one of my most recent faves that I just keep going back to for reassurance that I’m “doing good Mommy”, “thumbs up” from my youngest ray of sunshine can’t help but make me smile!

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