Marriage First: Why Everyone Needs a Post-Baby Couples Photoshoot

Why Everyone Needs a Post-Baby Couples Photoshoot

When is the last time you and your hubby had an amazing photo taken as a couple? No, not a selfie or one a stranger took last vacation but one you can hang on the wall- one that stands the test of time and to be enjoyed by your children as they get older.

I’m thinking if you’ve had a family photoshoot with me it was then, but otherwise I’m thinking your wedding was the last time you felt the importance. The two of you and your loving relationship came before any babies and I feel very strongly that you should book a couple-only photoshoot six months after baby is born to create a visual biography of your journey as a couple all the while re-energizing and re-kindling your love. There really is nothing stronger in the world than a love that then creates a new life. Having a newborn baby turns your world upside down and warps time into a whirlwind. Another reason it’s so important to purposefully take the time out and away to spend time with your spouse.

Remember you don’t need a special occasion to book a couples photoshoot, in fact turning an otherwise completely ordinary day into a fun, romantic time to make memories with extraordinary images that tell your story. I promise you’ll be so happy you took the time to prioritize your marriage.

Couples looking to further strengthen their relationship be sure to book your adorable, powerful, & fun photoshoot with a professional photographer. Don’t worry, it’s not like the awkward weird cruise-ship or prom style photo posing when you find a friendly, laid-back photographer like me to put you at ease in front of the camera for an enjoyable, intimate experience. This couples photoshoot is a romantic date & fun way to create and capture your love forever all the while carving out some special quality time spent with just your lover during your photoshoot time. In fact, lifestyle photography is such a relaxed way to get professional photos in your own home doing everyday activities or at a simple park cuddling and enjoying each others company.

Don’t let any more time pass before you get an updated photo with your love and contact me to set up a couples photoshoot!

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