Details: What to Expect

LWH Portraits Mini Session – What to Expect


    Bring necessary items for youngsters like extra diapers, wipes, water bottle, and/or snacks. I will have smarties (fast melt, not messy) as a bribe or a reward for children just in case, but you are more than welcome to bring your own snacks as long as they’re not messy or take long to chew. For babies especially, bring a change of clothes in case the unthinkable happens, luck favors the prepared!
    ***NO COLD KIDDOS PLEASE! Cold kids=miserable kids & no amount of photoshopping will fix this! Dress for the weather, including multiple cute layers so no one is cold/hot & miserable.


    Your mini session will start right on time as scheduled and last for 20 minutes sharp. All sessions are booked back to back, so please arrive picture ready at least 10 minutes in advance for any last minute prep & to keep each session moving smoothly.
    ***ANY AMOUNT of time late, will come out of your session time and will NOT push others times slots. I understand things happen & factor in child(ren) the chance of lateness can increase exponentially, so I will try everything in my power to add time AFTER all others have completed their scheduled time slots if you can wait & light permits.

  • WHAT TO WEAR? Coordinate not Match What to Wear Guide

    Many clients purchase new outfits for the session, but it is not necessary. When coordinating your family’s outfits, look to compliment one another not necessarily “matchy matchy”. Dress for the weather, including multiple cute layers so no one is cold/hot & miserable. Anything you bring to the session should BE WELL FITTED & ironed; anything too big and loose will look awful in pictures, believe me. Click the What to Wear Guide above for inspiration.
    ***RELAX… Bring your smiles & love for one another, as this is THE most important factor in successful family portraits. The loving interactions and joy between ya’ll will shine through more than the outfit choices, shoot location, or again relax & I promise that you’ll be pleased with the results.


    You will receive an email with your online gallery information with password within 14 days. Your personal gallery will be open for seven days after which it expires & is no longer veiwable for ordering. Choose your favorite paid images with print release (included in $250 session cost) & any additional digital images, prints, or products you’d like to order before the gallery expires.